Free Bingo Prizes

There can be many benefits by playing Bingo online, and one of these benefits is that you can earn yourself a range of free bingo prizes simply for playing! Unlike your local land based Bingo Club, our featured Bingo site that is great bingo hall who have a special loyalty club that will allow you to earn as you play!

The methodology behind this loyalty club is very simple, you will earn yourself what are termed Joy Points every time you play a real money game, and these points are awarded to you irrespective of whether you win or lose.

You are awarded Joy Points for every £5 spent on Bingo tickets and for every £20 that you have wagered on any of their side games such as their slot machines, casino games or even on their instant win games/

Save and Claim

The more you play the more Joy Points you will earn yourself and then you are free to redeem these points for a range of excellent things. You could opt to turn them into Bonus cash to allow you to carry on playing any of their great games.

You could prefer to exchange them for their Star Jackpot Tickets that will allow you to grab yourself plenty of Bingo cards for their huge paying jackpot Bingo games. Or coming very soon they are opening up their very own Shop of Joy which will have all manner of goodies available.

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